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Procedure Stages

Initial Orthodontic Consultation

At your initial visit, your exam and records are complementary . Please be prepared for at least thirty to forty five minutes for this appointment. Dr. Smith will review the diagnostics, explain what is necessary for treatment, and out Treatment Coordinator will discuss all payment options including financing concerning your treatment.  If you are moving from another orthodontic office please cll in advance so we can request you records before your appointment

Diagnostic Records (Beginning And Final)

1. Records will be done the same day as the initial exam in our office when time permits, however, if one of your x-rays such as an MRI is needed to confirm your diagnosis, you will be referred to an outside source. An iCat 3D conebeam x-ray will be taken and reviewed with the parent and or patient at the first visit if the patient is at least seven years or older.

Second Consultation

In rare occasions, a second appointment is needed to confirm your diagnosis, such as other work needed before orthodontics can begin such as cavities or gum problems that need filled, cleaned, or extractions, etc...

Full Bonding or 3D oral scanning

This may require an additional time set aside. The earlier in the day this can be done the better, and may require missing some school or work

Treatment Time (Adjustment Visits)

Usually take 15-30 minutes (unless otherwise stated). Our staff will regularly change patients wires, instruct patients on tooth brushing techniques and oral hygeine, and explain how treatment is progressing.


Usually  2 -2 ½ hours are needed for this appointment.


Bonded permanent retainers behind the teeth are the first choice for most retention to avoid relapse of the teeth. These are placed the same day braces are removed.
Must have excellent cooperation by wearing other removable retainers as indicated by the doctor. (First year, full-time wear 24 hours a day, followed by nighttime wear for the next five years if teeth have been removed.)

Your active treatment fee includes one year of orthodontic retainer visits. After one year, you will be seen twice a year on a regular office basis of $95.00 per visit.


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